Organic Turmeric, Garlic & Black Pepper - 500 Milligram Capsules


Turmeric, Garlic, & Black Pepper Capsules. A Combination of:

   Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories
   Cardiovascular benefits
   Immune system benefits
• Excellent free radical remover
  Anti-bacterial and anti-viral


All Botaniceutics capsules:

• Clean manufacturing practices (ISO9001, 22000)
• Tested for purity and herbicides/pesticides
  Completely natural and organic herbs, grown in Thailand
• No preservatives, additives, glutens, or fillers


Piperine, the compound in black pepper, helps the body absorb turmeric's curcumin much more effectively. Scientific studies have shown up to 1000 percent higher levels of curcumin in serum tests after volunteers took turmeric combined with piperines.

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Sold in a bottle that is safety-sealed. Each capsule contains 500 milligrams of 40% turmeric, 40% garlic and 20% black pepper. Our garlic, turmeric & black pepper capsules are manufactured bi-weekly to monthly, so Best Freshness date is about one year from purchase, but they will keep longer if kept sealed in cool dark place.

Organically grown turmeric, garlic, and pepper (Curcuma longa, Allium sativum, and Piper nigrum). Three of nature's best natural antioxidant health herbs in capsule form.

Our turmeric is organically grown in Kanchanaburi Province (famous for the Bridge over the River Kwai), a few hours north-west of Bangkok near the Myanmar border. Turmeric is a plant that thrives on heavy rainfall and central and southern Thailand is perfect for this hardy rhizome. The average curcumin level for this natural turmeric is 5%. Curcumin is the effective ingredient in turmeric that promising research has shown as possibly preventing numerous diseases and ailments such as inflammatory bowel disease (IFB), rheumatoid arthritis, inhibiting cell growth, and other health benefits such as cardiovascular health and digestive assistance.

Garlic is also a proven antioxidant, and this allium herb vegetable is also a wonderful antioxidant and cardiovascular aid. Our garlic is from the northern Chiang Mai region, and is a source of selenium, Vitamin B6 and C, plus other effective medicinal compounds. For example, the sulphur-based compounds in garlic can lower cholesterol and blood triglycerides, plus protect blood vessels from inflammatory and oxidative stress. This is one reason the Mediterranean diet has shown to have positive, long-term health affects. Also, the allium in garlic has positive antibacterial and antiviral benefits, hence the old belief that garlic can help prevent catching colds. And importantly, there is growing evidence, that like turmeric, garlic has strong anti-cancer properties.

Our black pepper is from the Chanthaburi region of eastern Thailand, an area known for its pungent, spicy pepper. Turmeric alone has average to low bioavalibility, in other words it can be difficult for the body to absorb the useful curcumin that is in turmeric. However, it is proven in laboratory studies that the piperine in black pepper helps the body absorb curcumin much more effectively; up to 1000 percent higher curcumin levels in the blood after taking it with black pepper compounds. This is an easy subject to research on the internet if you want to know more. Therefore, to achieve the most healthful results when taking turmeric, we have combined these three wonderful natural medicinals into one easy to take capsule of 500 milligrams.
Laboratory Studies of Turmeric, Garlic and Pepper Benefits

Here are a few peer-reviewed academic and medical studies. You can research more on the internet about these amazing natural medicines if you are interested.

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