Organic Ginger and Garlic Capsules: 500 Milligram Capsules


Ginger and Garlic Capsules:

 Cardiovascular and cholesterol benefits
 Cardiovascular benefits
 Assists the immune system

All Botaniceutics capsules:

 Clean manufacturing practices (ISO9001, 22000)
 Tested for purity and herbicides/pesticides
 Completely natural and organic herbs, grown in Thailand
 No preservatives, additives, glutens, or fillers

Sold in a bottle that is safety-sealed. Each capsule contains 500 millgrams of ginger and garlic by equal weight (approximately 250 mgs each of ginger and garlic).Our capsules are manufactured weekly to bi-weekly, so expiration date is about one year from purchase, but they will keep longer if kept sealed in cool dark place.

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Organically grown ginger and garlic(Zingiber officialis and Allium sativum) from Thailand. Two of nature's best natural antioxidant health herbs combined into one easy to take capsule of 500 milligrams.

Our ginger (Zingiber officialis) is organically grown in the central Phetchabun area of Thailand, mainly from November to April. Commonly used in Thai cooking, ginger has also been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine has to help cure and prevent several health problems by promoting circulation in the body and increasing metabolic rate. Ginger also helps control motion sickness, alleviate stomach discomfort, alleviate morning sickness, and boost the immune system. There is also promising modern research on this herbs ability to help the body prevent cancer.

Garlic is also a proven antioxidant, and this allium herb vegetable is also a wonderful antioxidant and cardiovascular aid. Garlic is a source of selenium, Vitamin B6 and C, plus other effective medicinal compounds. For example, the sulphur-based compounds in garlic can lower cholesterol and blood tryglycerides, plus protect blood vessels from inflammatory and oxidative stress. This is one reason the Mediterranean diet has shown to have positive, long-term health affects. Also, the allium in garlic has positive antibacterial and antiviral benefits, hence the old belief that garlic can help prevent catching colds. And importantly, there is growing evidence that garlic has certain anti-cancer properties.
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Laboratory Studies of Ginger and Garlic Benefits

Here are a few peer-reviewed studies. You can research more on the internet about these amazing natural medicines if you are interested.

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